Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Every day life

God has placed me in very green pastures and  life is very good. One of my favourite verses in the bible comes from Isaiah.

            He tends his flock like a
            He gathers the lambs in His
            and carries them close to his
            He gently leads those that have young.

                                   Isaiah 40:11

 With as many little ones as I have, life can get very chaotic at times and I love knowing that God watches over me, I have a place in His heart.  No matter what happens God is completely trustworthy, and whether it is needing a place to live, my husband needing a job, or all the children coming down with Gastro within  days of each other, He is in control. That is not to say that I wont be exhausted or sad at times, or that tough stuff wont happen. But when it does God is there.

This morning, the kids and I walked to the park to get rid of some of the energy that seems to abound in young children.

     They had fun.

We then did some school work

      and they are still having fun!

And after so much work and play, of course it is time for lunch. I make a very simple bread for our daily loaf. I have tried Sour dough but I am having trouble finding a recipe that we all like. I think it is an acquired taste. 

This bread is super easy! All I do is place some water and milk in my mixer, add yeast, a little honey and a little salt. Then comes some bread flour, enough to make a sticky dough. I let the mixer knead it for me for about 5 minutes and then leave the dough to rise. After about 2 hours I split the dough in half,  pop it into tins and let it rise for another 45 minutes. Then into the oven to cook and we have lovely fresh bread for lunch. 

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  1. great post my darling girl glad to see you blog is active again look forward to the next post they love home schooling and you do a fabulous job i love you