Friday, 5 July 2013


We moved to our current home about 5 years ago. It was a sudden move, our previous rental was being sold and we were told that we had 60 days to go. We chose Toowoomba because my dad was here and we could not think of anywhere else to go. So, pregnant with my 6th child and with 4 other children  under 5 we packed up our house and moved our family 1000kms north. Looking back I can see Gods hand in all our plans, He has blessed us abundantly here with friends and family. At the time though, I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed! and it has only been recently that I feel my "mojo" or my zest for life coming back.

Jake as a baby

   It has been a hard few years, Jacob my 6th child was a very hungry baby, feeding every two hours for 8 months. When he was 2 years old, Benjamin joined us. I feel that the last few years have passed me by, that I have been just surviving. Family life has been so busy and so constant that there has been no time for extra's.  But this is not enough anymore, I need something extra. I want to start living intentionally.

Benji as a baby
  As I have been reading different books and blogs ( I love reading) I have noticed that a new catch phrase seems to be making the rounds- intentional living.  I love those words. To me it means not letting life just happen, but having ideas and dreams and making them happen. Of course there are seasons in life, and different levels of energy during those seasons. Little children need lots of work, and that is my season at the moment.

  But that doesn't mean that I can't work toward dreams, I may just need to do things that are possible now. For me this is definitely losing weight,  continuing the Family Herbalist course that I am trying to complete,  gaining skills that help in living a more simple life, like cheese making, candle dipping, improving my soap and making different breads. I can also work on being more organized so that the garden gets planted when it should, and I sew clothes for the next season instead of trying to sew winter clothes in winter.... it just doesn't work.

Amish Raisin filled Bisuits

 So that is my goal. I want to live an intentional life. A life that firstly glorifies God, but a life that also enables me to dream and plan, and not feel so overwhelmed all the time.


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