Sunday, 7 July 2013


I began stockpiling food and household items when I got married. I think initially it was a reaction against a poor childhood and a fear of running out of food. Nowadays I am a little older and wiser and I have learnt to trust God more, but stockpiling still makes good sense.

Stockpile in an old cellar

  To have a good amount of food stored away a good storage system is needed. This could be in the garage or, if you have a good sized pantry as I do, in the pantry. I have read of people who keep their stockpiled foodstuffs under their beds in storage boxes, or in the linen closet.  Where ever it is kept it does need to be vermin proof! There is nothing worse than getting out rice or oats only to find that the mice have gotten to it and it is all ruined.

 When I first started collecting extra food, I think Andrew thought it was a little weird. But during the course of our marriage so far, through many pregnancies, sicknesses, times of financial constraint, that extra food has come in so handy. For whatever reason I can't get out to the shops, I know I can always rustle up a pantry meal, and that can be so reassuring!

  I began my stockpile very simply. On grocery shopping days I would buy a couple of extra tins. Maybe tinned tomatoes or tinned tuna, whatever we usually eat. These tins would go to the back of my pantry to be stored. These days my tinned goods stockpile is quite full, so I have started on frozen goods. These don't keep as long naturally but it is still reassuring to know that there is extra chicken or fish in the freezer.
Home canning

  Eventually I hope to start canning more of my own goods and to stockpile these also. I also want to have some cleaning products and bathroom products in reserve. This will all take time and money, and I am a great believer in taking baby steps! But it is a good goal to have I think.


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