Saturday, 30 July 2011


 Days go by so quickly, don't they? It seems so often that I get to the end of my day, and all I feel that I have done is housework and homeschooling.  While there is nothing wrong with making sure that the house is running smoothly, and the children need to be educated, some days I wonder if I should have a life long goal, something more to achieve during my lifetime.

  I  asked at my mothers fellowship group last week if  anyone had a goal for their life, something more than  just getting through each day!    I was surprised that most  had nothing specific they wanted to achieve.  So it got me thinking.... what have I achieved?   what do I want to achieve in the future?

  My goals are not for fame and fortune, but at a grass roots level to see my children in heaven with me.  I want to give them a sure foundation in Christ, a grounding in the bible, a depth of knowledge about the bible and its history.

   I also want my to make my family the best it can be. My family is my career. When we first got married, Andrew and  I decided that it would be me who would stay home with any children
God saw fit to bless us with,  and I would be the primary family organizer responsible for picnics, making memories, traditions, celebrations.

  I am also responsible for health and well being. I love reading and studying about organics, self sufficiency, nourishing traditions.  One aim that I have for my family is for us to be as self reliant, and self sufficient as possible in these modern times.  I try to make as much as I can from scratch when I cook and do baking. I love experimenting with hand creams and soaps, lip balms and herbal concoctions that I make myself.

  As I am thinking about life long goals I am sure that in the future I will have more I want to get done  during my life time. But  I hope that I always keep in mind that I am simply a traveller here on earth, my real home is in heaven and one day I hope to hear "Well done, good and faithful servant" from God.

  God bless,


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