Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Yesterday I had a friend over, and we got to talking about our "to-do" lists, and how we don't feel that we have achieved anything if we don't get our "to-do" list done each day. How very typical for women!
  My friend was telling me that she often feels like she has  done nothing  even though she has been busy all day. She asked how I did it with 7 children.
 I told her that I schedule! Years ago, when I had 3 children I would micromanage everyone for the whole day. I had a schedule for everyone that  told them  where they were to be, down to the half hour. Nowadays I have a more generous schedule and only for myself. By  scheduling myself, I can get all the day to day activities done, from the laundry through to homeschooling, and have time left over for the more enjoyable things in life.
  Because I enjoy a wide range of crafts, I like to make sure I have time to do them each week. So each afternoon I give myself an hour to sew, quilt, make candles, garden, preserve garden produce, or anything else I happen to be into at the time.
  It doesn't always work. There are days when life seems to get turned on its head, but on the days I get something done, I always feel very I've achieved!

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