Saturday, 30 July 2011

There are always jobs to do.......

There are always jobs to do that I just don't like doing, and sorting clothes is one of them. With so many little bodies in this house, there is a lot of  clothing around that either doesn't fit or is the wrong season. Even though it is already the middle of winter, this week I finally tackled the summer clothes!  We are in the process of moving all the boys into one bedroom, so that meant that all of Nicholas' clothes needed to change rooms, plus I needed to take all the summer clothes out and store them.
  I usually take one child at a time, and go through their clothes putting summer ones away and any winter clothes that don't fit. They either get given to another child or stored in boxes. It is such a tedious job but I always feel really pleased with myself when it is done!

 God Bless,


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